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As a group, we are urging our people worldwide to join us--OPN in creating this awareness and to assist us with the realization of this noble cause. See, like our African saying says, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Delta State is our child and we need all hands on deck in raising Delta State and making it one of the best states in Nigeria and a place every Deltan worldwide will be glad to call home.


This will not be easy. We will have a lot of ups and downs; however, we are confident that the resilience of the people of Delta State will be the engine that will power us through our downs, as we look forward to great ups of which the sky will be the limit. If you are from Delta or a friend of Delta state, feel free to join us as we continue to work hard to better the lives of our people and our state through a great man that epitomizes the meaning on great leadership—His Excellency Gov.Dr Ifeanyi Okowa.



As we continue to march through this 21st century, the goal of this NGO-OPN encompasses the re-education of our youths and empowering our people by providing the basic necessities that they need to facilitate their continued pursuit of happiness. We live in a State that is very blessed with abundance of natural resources and we are committed to making certain that this God’s gifts to us are used for the improvement of the lives of our people and the betterment of our environment-Delta State. No one will be left behind. Delta is our state and it belongs to all of us.

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